System Needs: Providing Business Specific and Cost Effective Solution to SMBs

Vikas Chopra, CEO

Data center virtualization technology has opened up ways to improve functionality and scalability of IT operations. Indian market is gradually adopting this technology, as the technology has to a great degree eliminated the need for physical IT maintenance and provides for optimal utilization of the IT resources. Further, it has been proved successful for businesses in scaling up their operations and improvement of functionalities. System Needs, established in this domain for the past 17 years as IT solution provider, offers an expansive range of products and technology for VMware server virtualization.

Although, data centre virtualization is gaining momentum and organizations are now realizing its benefits, cost remains a major cause of concern before businesses. “Price remains the major criteria and we are addressing this issue,” says Vikas Chopra, CEO of the company. To address the cost concern of the clients and provide them with suitable solution, VMware tries to understand the customer requirement and explain its product range and virtualization technology. The company educates its customers explaining to them the benefits of data virtualization technology and products and helps them adopt better techniques and achieve maximum resource utilization.
Restating the company’s commitment towards providing best and cost-effective solution to its clients, Vikas says, “We focus towards service that is not compromised in quality while providing it at promising price to our clients. We help them effectively manage the competition and stand out from competitors.”

"Our aim is to provide the best-fit solutions through the data virtualization products available

Addressing Diverse Business Needs
Businesses have diverse set of needs and priorities which calls for customizable solutions to address business specific solution. System Needs follows a customer centric approach to provide services and solution for its clients. The company aims to provide bestfit solutions through data virtualization products. “VMware data virtualization product has been enabling the transition of organizational landscape with solutions that cater to their specific requirements. Our aim is to provide the bestfit solutions through the data virtualization products available,” says Vikas.

Mobile Cloud Computing
Mobile devices have proliferated and have become a tool to boost productivity in organizations. VMware data centre virtualization enables organizations to leverage their valuable asset, mobile devices through cloud computing. VMware cloud computing offers cost effective mobile solutions. It allows employees to access data without any geographical constraints in realtime basis.

Apart from creating awareness on data virtualization products, the company is also providing safety and security to its vendors and outsourcing partners. It has also adopted CRM to ensure smooth functioning of incident management, follow-ups and timely customer support with its technicians and internal team. For its future endeavor, the company aims at reaching 100-150 percent sales growth. System Needs hopes to emerge as one of the biggest VMware partners and solution providers.