Agray Infosolutions Pvt Ltd: Proffering Network Solution with Server and Application Virtualization

Pramod Mishra, Director and CEO

The virtualization market in India is growing steadily as businesses on controlled capital expenditure are finding affordable virtualization solutions. The need to eliminate downtime, accelerate the process of data recovery and optimum utilization of existing infrastructure are few of the factors which are propelling businesses to invest in virtualization solutions. Agray Infosolutions Pvt Ltd, an IT infrastructure solution provider company caters to the virtualization needs of its clients, proffering VMware Solutions. An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, Agray was incepted in 2011 with its headquarter in Lucknow. It has since been providing virtualization solution to diverse range of clients including Government, Research, Education and Corporate Customers.

Fulfilling Virtualization Needs of Enterprises
With its VMware virtualization, Agray Infosolutions caters to all the virtualization needs of its clients. Agray has served about 100 Corporate / Govt. customers, providing its complete range of IT products, solutions and services. Talking about the VMware solutions the company is providing to its clients, Pramod Mishra, Director and CEO of the company says, “We are primarily a networking company and we are providing networking solution to the end users.” The VMware network solution allows for virtualized network components, enabling the development, deployment and configuration of virtual networks and switches through
software rather than hardware. The company’s key area of focus is security, where it provides security of network. It has been providing its networking solution to universities and research institutions as its major clients.

Talking further about the VMware software and services the company provides, Pramod states that, Agray Info solutions has been catering to the server and application virtualization needs of its clients. The company, with its VMware server virtualization installs a hypervisor on the physical server, allowing multiple virtual machines to run on the server. It thus increases the productivity of client’s business while reducing the IT expenditure significantly. Although desktop virtualization proffers benefits to the clients, it is not without its drawbacks and limitations which can be counterproductive to the cost benefit of virtualization. Providing solution for the drawbacks of desktop virtualization, the company offers application virtualization to its clients where desktop virtualization fails. Application virtualization helps bring ease of operations and greater portability, making it economical and beneficial over desktop virtualization.

"VMware network solution allows for virtualized network components, enabling the development, deployment and configuration of virtual networks and switches through software rather than hardware"

Dedicated Services
The company has around 40 service engineers to provide continuous and expert support services to its clients. With dedicated and committed manpower resources, the company provides for greater customer satisfaction to its clients. Owing to its personal attention towards each customer, the company has successfully managed to retain its customers. Taking pride in customer retention, Pramod says, “We are getting more than 70 percent business from our customer as a repeat business. We continue to get orders from same customers.” To maintain the standards of its service support, the company chooses to focus on its valuable customers and get regular orders from it, strengthening its services further.