TIS Labs- Manoeuvring Enterprises to Adopt Cost- Effective Virtualization

CIO Vendor Nowadays, enterprises endeavour for a paradigm shift from their traditional IT environment to virtualized infrastructure for accomplishing enhanced IT agility and flexibility in addition to crucial cost savings. With virtualization technology, the operations get automated and performances as well as availability become enhanced, resulting improved enterprise IT infrastructure.

Each organization has their reasons for moving to virtual infrastructure. However, IT managers face dilemma in adopting newer technologies according to their IT budget. Therefore, the crucial role of IT vendors is to assist their clients in choosing an ideal architecture and suitable solution based on the clients’ budget. Technically inclined to aid its clients in spotting ideal solutions, Kolkata headquartered TIS Labs Pvt Ltd, leverages VMware technology for offering ideal desktop and server virtualization solutions to its clients’ enterprise environment. The company keeps high significance on Research and Development (R&D) and that has become an integral part of its solution stack. “Our USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is our continuous mode of R&D, which brings quicker resolution of issues, better understanding and anticipation of problems and overall faster turnaround times to our clients,” says Dr.P.A.Sreeram, CTO, TIS Labs Pvt Ltd. Along with its virtualization solutions, the company offers Consulting and Managed Services.

An Ideal Storage Solution
While choosing effective solutions for a better IT infrastructure, enterprises might compromise on thesuitable architecture due to high budget. In addition, when it comes to typical virtualization set up, the role of storage and its connectivity is remaining with least important. Understanding these scenarios, TIS Labs has developed a storage solution that secures least downtime without raising customer budget.

TIS Labs’ storage solution is not only compatible with VMware but also works for other applications like databases and file storage. “We have been constantly looking for helping clients get the most ideal architecture in place which would suit the client’s budget. This has led us to develop a storage solution. We realized that customers would benefit greatly from having storage and network redundancy while not having to pay a heavy price for it,” asserts Dr.P.A.Sreeram.

TIS Labs is aware of its clients’ difficulties to keep updating themselves on numerous features and capabilities of the software when they adopt virtualization to their enterprise IT infrastructure.

Comprehensive and Cost-effective Services
While IT managers and the CXOs are struggling to manage their IT infrastructures with limited available resources, TIS Labs reinforces organizations in building and managing their IT infrastructures with the right technology and operational procedures. From consulting to
implementation and support, TIS Labs provides comprehensive as well as cost-effective solutions. “We do consultancy services like other vendors. But we go further and try and address the pain areas and the possible issues with the existing setup and provide solutions for the same. Our constant endeavour is to add values to the customer’s needs that differentiate us from other vendors,” expresses Dr.P.A.Sreeram. It provides consulting and implementation services on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, aiming that downtime can make least impact on its clients’ business. TIS Labs is aware of its clients’ difficulties to keep updating themselves on numerous features and capabilities of the software when they adopt virtualization to their enterprise IT infrastructure. Therefore, the company renders Managed Services with 24/7 IT support to both onsite and offsite in order to help its clients concentrate on their core business. “Whenever the issue is beyond us, the client’s access to VMWare support helps us connecting with the OEM. We, thus, help in minimizing the waiting time for support,” shares Dr.P.A.Sreeram.

In virtualization technology realm, TIS Labs focuses on improving the existing solutions through its R&D activities. The company provides efficient and timely support to its clients. While succouring its clients for the optimization of IT infrastructure, it reinforces them through its quick as well as decisive response.