Esconet Technologies-Ensuring the Success of Enterprises with Server Virtulization

CIO Vendor Imagine you have a great business running and your systems suddenly crash, losing all your data, leaving you in utter despair. It is a hassle to handle disaster recovery in a physical environment itself. Virtualization is one of the upcoming trends among businesses to save us from this very horror of losing tons of important data. Efficient use of server resources, easy disaster recovery, testing and development, and centralized server administration, are some of its benefits. Server virtualization is now forming the foundation of private and public computing, thus by far making it independent of the traditional office set up that once existed. Post virtualization, the next thing that would instinctively pop to one’s mind is backup, which is normally kept on the back burner until disaster actually strikes and you have to bear the brunt of it. With basic knowledge in this sector, clients completely rely on and expect a solution provider to have a detailed understanding not only of Compute but storage, network, security, backup and DR. Almost every solution provider in the market is competing only with VMware technology solutions since VMware continues to dominate the server virtualization landscape. The rich feature set and unmatched performance makes it the leader on all the fronts of SDDC strategy.

Yet with such advancements, finding trained man power has always been a major setback to all vendors for VMWare solutions. The next setback to bog down vendors is the lack of in-house hardware. Esconet Technologies, a prominent player in the IT industry, shoots down these two problems with one stone. The company boasts to be one of the best in line as they have setup extensive hardware in-house which is used as physical labs for technicians who are free to use these physical labs for a hands-on practice. The technicians also use these labs to emulate customer environments. “The availability of these labs makes all the difference when our team is out in the market to deliver. Most of the VMware solutions cannot be sold without successful PoCs. The availability of labs also helps us in reducing our sales cycles,” explains Santosh Agrawal, Director,
Esconet Technologies.

Aligning with the SDDC Technology Roadmap
Based in Delhi, Esconet is a “Premier Solution Provider” the highest level of partnership with VMWare under the OEMs Solution Provider Program and based on that partnership the company offers server virtualization, desktop virtualization, business continuity and Mobile Device Management. Esconet as a company provides cutting edge solutions to customers that involve server & compute service, storage, backup & recovery, email & collaboration, networking, security, and media solutions. The company has aligned itself perfectly with the SDDC technology roadmap and other offerings of VMware. “We have regular mandated trainings of our pre-sales, sales and post-sales personnel which helps us to have an edge over the others in the market. We have been able to deliver consistently projects after projects meeting deadlines and customers’ requirements,” reveals Santosh Agrawal.

Esconet studies the customer’s applications and usage pattern and tries to optimize the solutions so that the customer gets the maximum out of his investments. Esconet has been recognized for its contribution in the industry and has received various accolades like, "Warrior Of The Year" and “EMC Corporation Business Champions 2015” award from EMC Corporation, “2015 Outstanding Contribution to VMware Business” from VMware, "ChannelWorld Premier 100 Award”in 2014, 2015 & 2016, etc. for their hard work and dedication.

Esconet achieves this via a shared server/ application set up with configurations that should cater to the organizations current and future networking requirements.

Assisting Enterprises to take better control of their Data
Organizations have cultivated the need to regularly back-up active data to avoid losses, stay compliant and preserve data integrity. Esconet provides complete customized data centre solutions. The company develops high quality hardware solutions towards server and storage hardware. Esconet assists their clients in data storage by protecting them from rogue and intrusive applications and also supplies solutions based on ongoing data trends. “Esconet analyzes the prevailing data trends in the market and goes on to enhance the power of the storage and reduce costs by using many data storage technologies like storage consolidation, automatic tiered storage pools, data deduplication etc.,” explains Santosh Agrawal. The various solutions offered are completely customizable and can be tailor-made to the capacity of the enterprise. The company’s service in this area includes Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) facilities. The company’s input is made mandatory on various processes like initial assessment, data storage hardware selection, RAID levels, cache allocation to usage pattern analysis, documenting configuration to error reporting. Santosh Agrawal further explains,“We go deeper and ask specific questions on applications to be hosted on the required hardware along with the user base, data sizes and workloads which help us in doing the right sizing and optimizing the solution which in turn gives a better TCO and ROI to the customer on these investments.”
Esconet also offers managed backup services that are entirely based on operational expenses model eliminating capital expenditure by providing the hardware and software on pay-per-use basis. The backup is done directly from the customers' servers or desktops/ laptops to Esconet's Datacenter. The backup can even be done by a roaming user with the assistance of his laptop and an internet connection. Alternatively primary backup can be done at the customer's site and then replicated offsite to Esconet's Datacenter. A huge relief as Esconet provides customized business continuity solutions for all sizes of businesses with industry-leading SLA and the highest security standards that help one manage to recover business critical data or technology infrastructure even post disaster.

Going virtual
Esconet assists in virtualizing the company’s server and desktop so that all the information is available on a virtual server. This way, one can access information on any given device with complete management of virtualization servers and security measures provided by Esconet. Esconet ensures an array of strategies which can be customized according to the client’s needs instead of just one resolution for the client’s virtualization requirements. Esconet claims that their end-to-end solutions utilize complete virtualization using an array of full VDI, streaming apps and installed apps, wherever applicable. Also, the virtualization technique adopted by Esconet works with minimal equipment and thus reduces overhead costs and incurs maximum returns. Esconet achieves this via a shared server/ application set up with configurations that should cater to the organizations current and future networking requirements. Santosh Agrawal signs off predicting the future of desktop virtualization service, “Desktop virtualization has a long way to go and eventually the server and desktop virtualization shall get merged into one technology. Future applications shall be designed from the ground-up for virtualization and the next wave of disruptive application virtualization technologies is yet to come.”